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On set in Utah, “No Man’s Land,” for History. 2014.

On set in Utah, “No Man’s Land,” for History. 2014.

Award-winning documentary producer

Currently producing a potential new documentary series in Florida for CuriosityStream. 2019.

Researcher/Writer/Field Producer for a documentary about polar exploration from Jupiter Entertainment. 2019.

Producer/Shooter/Editor, web documentary series for the ACLU. 2018.

Pilot Producer, "Maui Beach Rescue," Travel Channel and Lusid Media, aired in November 2017. 

Co-Executive Producer, "Backcountry Rescue," Outdoor Channel and One Eyed Bird. 2016.

Supervising Producer, "Wildest Town In America" sizzle funded by Nat Geo Wild. 2015. 

Supervising Producer, pilot episode of "Log Cabin Living" on HGTV. 2014. 

Executive Producer, "Cougar Vs. Wolf" on Nat Geo Wild. This wildlife adventure story remains in rotation during the network's annual Big Cat Week. 2013. 

Supervising Producer, season 1 of "HowStuffWorks" on Discovery. 2008. 

Produced and edited several documentaries for Wyoming PBS, including “Interior Pioneer: The furniture of Thomas Molesworth,” which won a Silver Telly and “Best Documentary” from the Wyoming Historical Society.

Pitch Writer, "Human Weapon"—History Channel's 17-episode exploration of martial arts around the world. 2006. 

Story Producer, season 1 of Showtime's "The Re:Evolution of Sports" produced with Red Bull and Teton Gravity Research. 2005-2006.

Pitch Writer and Field Producer, "Tools Of The Trade" on National Geographic Channel. 2005.

Pitch Writer and Field Producer, "Gearhead Gladiators" on National Geographic Channel. 2004. 

Field Producer, pilot episode of "Relentless" on Oxygen. 2003. 

Field Producer, pilot episode of "Final Justice" on Lifetime. 2001. 

Pitch Writer, pilot episode of "Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege and Justice" on Court TV. 2001. 

Field Producer, season 1 of "The Competition" with host Terry Bradshaw on A&E. 2001. 

Writer/Producer for the ground-breaking true crime series “City Confidential,” 2000-2006.