Mr. President, please consider Marv for the EPA. 

The Medicaid debate made history during the 2015 legislative session and this grassroots web video helped repel a formidable lobbying effort against the Affordable Care Act in Montana.

In the campaign to protect the Badger-Two Medicine area of Montana, a coalition of tribal leaders and conservation groups came together to produce a web video in collaboration with the band Pearl Jam. They hired me as lead producer/shooter/editor and the video was used to show support for Sec. Sally Jewell and the Department of the Interior. Sec. Jewell later moved to protect this sacred landscape. 2015-2016.

Writer/producer for a variety of partnership fundraising videos, including this one about the Yakama Nation's connection to the Yakima River. 2011. 

Supervising producer, “Operation Adventure,” an action sports web video series sponsored by Jeep. Generated half a million views for Discovery Networks sites. 2013.

This campaign energized the launch of the 2014 Jeep Patriot, which we put to the test across mountain passes in the Beaverhead National Forest. 

Betty became a wilderness lover during the Coolidge Administration.